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about same sex -- >> what key players are saying about today's decision about same sex marriages. and a fatal crash involving a child, still leaving traffic snarled it is friday december 7th, i'm keep wayne in for gasia mikaelian this is bay area news at 7:00. today, california voter approved ban on same sex marriage in what could result in a landmark civil rights ruling. the justices will exam the u.s. appeals decision in february that found proposition 8 unconstitutional. today, san francisco's city attorney says a shift in public opinion about same sex marriage since proáp prop 8 passed a few years ago. >> i could think of no other
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case to take up if it is going to take up a case, is this case. coming at a particularly optune time. >> reporter: the supreme court agreed to look at a new york case that found the federal defense marriage act denies legally married same sex couples the benefits. our coverage continues with patty lee live in san francisco with reaction from two key players and one couple that remains in limbo, patty? >> reporter: today's announcement caught a lot of people from off guard, same sex couples hoping to wed to pioneers briefly legalized it in the city. >> reporter: tom picked out items for his wedding to his lifelong partner but they have not set a date. they are waiting for the supreme court to make a decision on gay marriage that will effect them and millions of couples across the country. >> this means there say chance for an even greater resolution that the supreme court can recognize that marriage is a
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constitutional right for all- americans. not just for californians. >> reporter: stewart and john, plaintiffs in the historic 2008 lawsuit that held that california's ban on same sex marriage violated the constitution did not expect the supreme court to take on prop 8. >> we are very, very hopeful that the decision will break in favor of loving, committing same-six couples. >> reporter: we caught up with the former mayor, he called today's announcement the bigging of the end of a long journey. >> i did not know i would be around to see it. i mean it. democrats, republicans were opposed to same sex marriage. >> reporter: part of the gay rights movement since the beginnings can not believe how far the country has come. >> for someone like me has been around for a long time it is a good thing. always laughed at and ridiculed and felt it could never happen. >> reporter: same sex couples we talked to know they can go
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to other states to get married but many are willing to wait as long as it takes to exchange vows here in san francisco where the marriage equality movement has its roots. reporting live, ktvu2 news. more details on the supreme court's action, backers of california's ban on same sex marriage say they are pleased that the justices have decided to hear the case. >> for our republic this case has to be taken because judicial activism is going against the written words and intent of our constitution. >> randy thomasson says in his view, the california judges who overturned prop 8 need to be overruled and corrected. state attorney general, harris, called it a significant day in u.s. history. >> this is a case about fundamental questions of fairness and equality.
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>> she said she will write a brief for the court for same sex marriage. they say it remains to be seen how the case will unfold. it deprived same sex couples of the fundamental right to marry. the court could sidestep the issue if the ban is constitutional. the justices agreed to look at if the supporters of prop 8 have the legal standing to defend the law since the state did not. the court could issue a narrow ruling allowing same sex marriage to resume in california without overturning bans in other states. arguments in both cases will happen in march and decisions are expected by the end of june. a lot of people are talking about it. what is your response to today's announcement, like us at ktvu channel 2 news on facebook and provide your own comments. a stretch of highway in contra costa county is still closed at this hour after a head-on crash that claimed the lives of two people, including
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a child. the highway patrol says a big rig and a sedan collided on the highway around 3:20 this afternoon. a boy, described to be about eight years old was pronounced dead at the scene. the highway patrol says the 21- year-old driver of the sedan died at the hospital. cleanup crews were called to the scene for diesel spill. now, san jose, a 23-year- old woman is under arrest on suspicion of homicide. in connection of the death of a 16-year-old. the teen was found pafatally shot on pacific avenue a week ago. the detectives say they believe the shooting was gang related and it is likely there are other people involved in the homicide who remain at large. richmond police are warning people about a series of attacks on women by the same man. investigators say one woman was
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raped if june. two more attacked, november 20th and 21st. in each case the man followed a woman, walking alone, after dark and forced her intos his car. they say the man is latino between 30 to 40 years old and 5'7. driving a white four door sedan. a consignment company that promised to sell luxury cars for a fee is missing in action. the cars are gone. we are live tonight in sunnyvale where car owners are afraid they are out. >> reporter: this parking lot used to be full of luxury cars but now, you can see, it is nearly empty. it has customers confused, angry, and distraught. todd parson fears he is out of luck after trusting sunnyville motorcars to sell his bmw. >> i am a little embarrassed
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that i allowed myself to get caught up in this. >> they were licensed with the dmv. in business for five years, they are bonded. >> reporter: after eventually getting a check for $28,000 when the car sold, the check bounced. >> then they came up with another excuse after that. and then another one and it was just a butch of delay tactics. >> reporter: when we went there we found the lot nearly empty, the office, vacant, just keys hanging on a board inside. >> what happened between friday and monday is they literally closed up their shop and took all of the vehicles on their lot and disappeared. >> it leaves me with an empty garage, without a car. it leaves me without my money and very little recourse. >> reporter: parsons is not the only victim. the business owner next door talked to about 20 people. >> a lady came in at 5:30.
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asking about the car. when we told them they were gone she just about started crying. >> horrible, somebody needs to talk about it. >> reporter: the captain told me this is a complex case because it deals with contracts between parties. at this point they are calling it a fraud investigation and trying to locate the occupiers. so far they heard from 20 -- owners. so far they heard from 20 victims but there could be more. an attorney for john mcavey says his client is trying to stay in guatemala. his lawyer says he is feeling better after being treated for chest pain yesterday. he filed four legal motions to try to remain in guatemala. the security software founder is wanted for questioning in the shooting death of his neighbor. he says he had nothing to do with the homicide. the november jobs report is out and it is better than anyone expected. the u.s. labor department released the data today showing
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the u.s. economy add 146,000 jobs last month. many predicted less than 100,000. the unemployment rate fell to a 4-year low of 7.7%. down from 7.9% in october. that report helped lift the dow that ended the day 81 points higher. not enough to boost the nasdaq that lost 11 points because of apple that declined 2.5%. a report shows a surprising bang from the big bucks behind technology. silicone valley tech workers are creating more jobs simply by having one. >> reporter: lunchtime at the retail center in san jose can look like a race to eat with hungry workers from tech companies bringing their wallets and appetites. >> we to them a lot. deliveries, pick up orders, give them a big discount. they order from us a lot. >> reporter: a new report shows for every one high-tech
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job, 4.3 additional jobs and the local goods and services economy are created in the same region. >> anywhere you see concentration of high-tech workers you will see various other services pop up around them. restaurants, coffee shops, and, hair-cutting salon. various other services that workers demand. >> services like dental care. perfect smile expanded into this second office in san jose and hired 10 new employees because of demand. >> we had many patients coming in and the practice has been growing due to the industry right around this area. >> santa clara county leads the nation with close to 30% of the workers. they have money to spend. the bay area council says they earn 75% more than workers in other industries p. >> i am younger, i. a tech engineer. i go out and spend a lot of my money. it helps out the community a
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lot. >> reporter: they say a demand for high-tech workers will be stronger compared to other industries for the next 8 years. california's economic recovery may come to a halt if we hit the fiscal cliff. it will be a loss of $23 billion. plus the loss of 225,000 jobs statewide. it means there -- 400,000 out of work americans that receive unemployment checks will not receive checks. a strong earthquake in japan triggered a tsunami warning, briefly. the quake struck 150 miles off shore the same area where last year's quake and tsunami. buildings swayed as far away as tokyo and triggered a 3-foot
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tsunami surge. they were able to warn residents six minutes before the quake hit due to a nationwide early warning system. a frightening fall from the upper deck during last night's raider game. >> the teams response and if there will be changing. the royal family issues their condolences.
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oakland police say 8 people are behind bars tonight after a s.w.a.t. team action.
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dozens of officers took part at 79th avenue before midnight last night. the suspects were arrested for various offenses including illegal firearms. their names have not been released. a young man remains hospitalized after a frightening fall after the upper deck of the coliseum. and the highest points. >> i did not hear anything about it. >> a man described as being 18 years old toppled over the railing of the upper deck of the coliseum, falling 30 feet on the concourse below t. happened around kick off at 5:30 last night. in a statement the management company explained the fan was attended to by oakland police and paramedics who took him to a nearby hospital. he was conscious when he left. he remains in the hospital today, receiving treatment. some witnesses told the police that the man was sitting on the
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railing along the deck and lost his balance. others say it looked like the man jumped. >> there is cement up to probably about here and then they have bars up even higher. >> is it high enough, you think? >> you know, if you are not acting stupid, yeah, it is. >> reporter: exactly appeared to be a factor. fans were surprised security did not step in time. >> i am there for a few seconds before security comes in before security tells me to back up. that was odd that someone fell. >> reporter: former raider super bowl champ, branch, says bottom line, the stadium needs to be updated. >> we need to get with it and ready for the 21st century and get us a brand-new stadium. any changes will have to go to the people. >> we are just a tenant there.
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court documents show an albany middle schoolteacher exchanged thousands of text messages with a student prior to his arrest and suicide. the teacher kissed and fondled the student. the 28-year-old teacher was found dead five days after his arrest. authorities say the investigation is still ongoing and this were multiple victims. potential home buyers lined up by the hundreds in oakland to take advantage of more than $5 million in down payment assistance. wells fargo is giving out $20,000 grants to home buyers in 9 cities, most effected by the mortgage crisis. part of a settlement between wells fargo and the justice department over fair lending claims. >> a new -- i knew i could not afford that much as far as a down payment. i am excited t. helps me out a little bit more. >> the eligible cities are antioch, bay point, concord,
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fremont, hayward and oakland. the event continues tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. a bay area k-mart store says christmas is coming early for lay away shoppers. good samaritans have been coming in and paying other people's lay away bills. store employees say as many as five people a day have come in to spread a little holiday cheer. in one case we are told that a recipient had been in the hospital and cheered up when she found out her lay away had been paid for. 2 military personnel had their cars redone. both men served in afghanistan. stevenson was wounded there. residents in the bay area and around the world marked 21 years since the surprise attack
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on pearl harbor. 21-gun salute. and a wreath paying tribute for those who lost their lives. part of an annual ceremony attended by survivors of pearl harbor. many told us the memories are still fresh as they recall the details of the japanese planes attacked. tonight, more bay area survivors marked the anniversary by lighting a beacon. it went on at sunset. the eye of deablo was turned off so it would not be a guide for enemy planes. a nurse part of a prank was found dead this morning in london. the nurse jacintha sildanha was found dead close to the
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hospital. 2 australian djs called the hospital and pretended to be queen elizabeth and prince charles. they were asked to be put through to where middleton was staying. >> we can say she was recently the victim of a hoax call to the hospital. the hospital had been supporting her through this very difficult time. >> the station and the djss are facing a backlash on the web. their web site and facebook pages are packed with angry comments blamed for the deaths. the royals are saying thoughts and prays, family and friends and colleagues are thought of during this sad time. uc officials unveiled the school system's new logo created by an inhouse design team. it
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to middle 30s. definitely want to bundle up. livermore, 36 degrees. this was the scene earlier today looking out around the bay. a lot of sunshine for the day. high pressure strengthening out here in the pacific w. that, the storm track heads up to the north. we will break down the weekend, saturday, cold morning, skies, mostly to partly sunny in the afternoon hours. we could have winds gusting to right around 30 miles an hour.
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a bit of a breeze first thing sunday morning sunday, also, the warmest day of the weekend. here is the forecast model, showing you some of the fog towards the valley. we can have a few patches in the north bay valleys towards the delta, overall increase and a few high clouds, nothing major for tomorrow afternoon. forecast highs for your saturday, mainly in the upper 50s to middle 60s. and a look ahead, sunday, the warmest day of the weekend. once again, strong winds first thing sunday morning. slight chance of a shower by wednesday. >> all right, thank you, mark. tonight, the owner of fossilized dinosaur leg is hoping to bring tens of thousands in auction. the voiceil of the t-rex leg is estimated to be 65 million years old and valued at $60,000. it will be available for bid during a sigh hepbt auction at the nature gallery starting tonight. 25% of the proceeds will go to a charity that helping the
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homeless. the auction runs through december 21st. thank you for trusting ktvu, we will see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news, tonight we are out on the town where company holiday parties are a sign of economic cheer. "tmz" is next here on tv36.
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